Breast Cancer Conference: 11 Video Virtual Activity Sessions from 6 Cancer Exercise Specialists


Learn from 6 Cancer Exercise Specialists who bring decades of experience to their virtual session designs for breast cancer survivors: Dr. Liz Almli, Jennifarre Davis, Jenny Goldberg, Kat Johnson, Portia Page and Eileen Rodriguez.

What's included:

Elizabeth Almli, CES - Using Strengthening, Stretch & Balance for Breast Cancer Related Imbalances
3 Sessions: Jennifarre Davis, CES - The Breast Method Exercise Session (Warm-up, Lymphatic Drainage Exercises, Strength Exercises, Cool-down/Stretch, Q&A)
2 Sessions: Jenny Goldberg, CES - Exercise and Energy Work for Breast Cancer
Portia Page, CES - Pilates Based Exercise
3 Sessions: Kat Johnson, CES - Group Exercise Session w/Individual Feedback from Kat
Eileen Rodriguez, CES - CES Exercise Session en Espagnol

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