Marisa Oldefest - CES Taking Control Presenter

Marisa Oldefest NCPT, CES, CMT
​founder of Peace Of Mind Pilates

Marisa is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher, CETI Cancer Exercise Specialist, Certified Massage Therapist, and Instructor Affiliate with Core Compassion Project.
She has been teaching Pilates for over 23 years.
Marisa found Pilates after an auto accident left her with a neck injury. She attended her first Pilates private session at a physical therapy clinic and after just minutes into her Pilates practice she began to feel relief in her neck pain and knew she had to become a Pilates teacher to share the benefits of Pilates with others.

Marisa specializes in working with cancer survivors and those who suffer from neck and back pain, as well as senior citizens. She also has worked with children, teens, athletes, and dancers. In 2020, Marisa became an instructor affiliate with Core Compassion Project, a 501(c)3 that provides Pilates scholarships for women and men recovering from breast cancer.

Pilates is Marisa's passion, and she is always continuing her Pilates education in order to continue to offer her clients the very best in the Pilates industry. Marisa truly loves teaching everybody at every age and stage of their life! She is dedicated to helping others heal pain and injury through the Pilates method and helping everyone feel comfortable, strong, and confident in their bodies!

Personal Training at studio, gym or other facility

Scholarships for Breast Cancer survivors for Pilates private sessions, fitness bras and lymphedema sleeves

Denver, CO


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