Stages of Menopause and Exercise Intervention


Over 38 million baby boomer women, and another 25 million Gen-X females behind them, are or will be in various stages of hormonal changes which will influence, and will be influenced by, exercise. Regardless of activity level, most women experience signs, symptoms, and side effects of menopause, including but not limited to brain fog, weight gain, belly fat, hot flashes and night sweats, to name a few.

This 8-hour online course is designed to give medical fitness professionals the information, tools, and resources needed to coach and train this steadily growing population. Given the number of women who have not exercised previously, and the current void in proper hormone balancing exercise prescription, there exists numerous, lucrative opportunities for medical fitness professionals to positively impact the lives and health spans of a great many women still seeking answers.

Course Author: Debra Atkinson, MS, CSCS, Founder/CEO of Flipping Fifty

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