Elizabeth Almli, CES - Using Strengthening, Stretch & Balance for Breast Cancer Related Imbalances


Elizabeth Almli, Cancer Exercise Specialist

Dr. Elizabeth Almli, (Liz) was born and raised in Tucson Arizona. She attended the University of Arizona obtaining her undergraduate degree in Nursing, and continuing on in the College of Medicine for her Doctorate. She is currently in private practice as an anesthesiologist. She and her husband Scott have two grown children, Bryan and Alec, and enjoy spending their time with family on outdoor adventures.

Though she has spent the last 30 years taking care of cancer patients, she never imagined that she herself would someday be faced with that very diagnosis. After a year of challenging treatment, she realized how important it is for patients to surround themselves with positive people who can offer support throughout the cancer experience, helping them regain control and be proactive about taking charge of their health.

Liz is actively involved in raising funds for cancer research as a member of the Distinguished Board of Ambassadors for the American Cancer Society. She serves on the Executive board as the President of the Tucson Cancer Conquerors and has been passionate about helping survivors to be proactive about their health since her own personal breast cancer diagnosis and treatment over 14 years ago. As a Certified Personal Trainer (American College of Sports Medicine) with a specialty certification as a Cancer Exercise Specialist (Cancer Exercise Training Institute), she is a Cancer Conquerors exercise class instructor and oversees the “Get Active” programming for the TCC organization.

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