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The Stress Management Institute for Health and Fitness Professionals™ has updated the group fitness instructor's role in the 21st century to meet the needs of today's society. Many times, individuals at a gym will only take group fitness classes. In this case, the group fitness instructor may be the only fitness professional the individual regularly comes into contact with. This is why we needed to evolve the Holistic Group Fitness Instructor™ into more of a practitioner role. This new generation of group fitness instructors is called upon to work more closely with Mind/Body Medicine Specialists™, Holistic Stress Management Consultants™, and the medical community. Holistic Group Fitness Instructors™ will offer our mind/body group fitness classes and other mind/body modalities to their class participants in either a group or private setting.

We have incorporated a Mind/Body Zone assessment™ so the Holistic group fitness instructor™ can better understand their class participant's quality of life and stress levels. We also give you access to some of the DNA tests through Toolbox Genomics so you can work with class participants on a deeper level. Only certified fitness professionals can conduct our full fitness assessment. Knowing your class participant's stress levels and disease history before taking classes can help you know how to create specialized classes for your students. Once you have this information, we teach you how to choose exercises and techniques that can specifically help each individual while instructing in a group or private setting.

Holistic Group Fitness Instructors™ will learn how to incorporate eastern and western modalities and techniques into their group classes and private sessions such as Mind/Body Myofascial Release™, AccuRolling™, Neuroll Calm™, Mindful Stretch™, health promotion, Mind/Body Art™, aromatherapy, and somatic exercises that use qi or energy that flows through the meridians of the body. The picture above demonstrates the meridians of the body and the flow of energy that may help to create homeostasis. The Holistic Group Fitness Instructor ™ will be using their new skill set within their group fitness classes and private sessions.

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Robyn Caruso
Robyn Caruso

Robyn Caruso is the Founder of The Stress Management Institute for Health and Fitness Professionals™ Robyn received her Bachelor’s Degree from Rowan University in Health Promotion and Fitness Management. She is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) personal trainer and group fitness instructor, a Compassion Fatigue Resiliency and Recovery – Educator and a Veggiecator for children.

Robyn is an industry expert for the Medical Fitness Network and Medical Fitness Education Foundation Advisory Board Member, an adjunct professor for Camden County College and Personal Training Advisory Board Member. She has taken the Mindfulness – Based Stress Reduction program (MBSR) through Jefferson University Hospital for Mindfulness. She has been in the fitness industry for 16 years in medical based fitness.

By working in the fitness industry, health and fitness professionals have the privilege of helping clients on a daily basis. When you take one of our specialty courses you are an important part of the healthcare continuum. On average 77% of individuals feel the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of stress. Corporations spend approximately 3 billion a year on doctor visits and absenteeism.

The Stress Management Institute for Health and Fitness Professionals was developed to certify health and fitness professionals to instruct our stress management program (R.E.L.A.X™.). Students will learn how to create customized stress management programs using Aromatherapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Reflective Meditation and the Mindful Stretch™ class.

Learn more about the Stress Management Institute for Health and Fitness Professionals, http://www.mindbodyspecialist.com

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